Pad Thai in a box. . .hardly

May 9, 2008

pad thai recipe for two

No, this isn’t the back page of Consumer Reports (but this is the sort of thing they typically run there). Above you’ll see the Pad Thai For Two recipe, from A Taste of Thai a product with the claim of “Real Thai — Real Easy.”

It may easy, but buyers should note that of 10 ingredients require to make the dish, only 2 are in the $3.99 Pad Thai for Two box. You need to bring vegetable oil, eggs, scallions, peanuts, bean sprouts, cilantro,lime wedges, 1/2 pound of chicken (or shrimp or pork) to the party in order to make this dish.

After I’ve bought all that I think I’ll just get my own noodles and a jar of sauce. . .Thanks for very little, A Taste of Thai.



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