The Teenager Audio Test: Drive the Under 25 Insane with this Sound!

March 1, 2009

teeanger_audio_testThe Teenager Audio Test was something I just thought hadn’t gotten to yet. It’s been in the news over the past year—localities debating the ethics and the efficiency of this new sonic tool to prevent young punks from congregating in mall parking lots and such. But now I have testimony from a high school teacher and mother of three that she has tried this on youth and it WORKS, BY GOD! IT WORKS! Her dramatic account follows below:

“It’s true; that high-pitched tone. . .dare I tell you I can sort of hear it. . .really truly works.  I had kids tell me it made the hair on the backs of their necks stand up, made them feel as though ‘their brains were being scooped out with a spoon’ (I am not making this up), made their teeth itch; it made them drop their heads on the desks in abject surrender. So, an all-around success, I’d say.”


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