50 Best Premium WordPress Themes chosen by Design Reviver

May 30, 2009


Design Reviver has a numbered list.

Everyone has a numbered list these days.

It’s the 10 Best iPhone Apps for Marine Biologists;
Simple Ways to Increase Productivity Using Mentholated Caffeine;
3 Lamest Video-Game-to-Movie Franchises directed by
Uwe Boll*;
Funny Things You Didn’t Know About Open Heart Surgery (And the Madcap Surgeons Who Perform the Operations!).

We are in the List Making era of the Internet’s life. Will we ever evolve beyond this stage? I live with a List Maker and I believe soon they’ll have us all making numbered lists of things.

Lists, in their most useful form, are really just collections of resources or information. Collections of opinions or rankings of Hottest, Worst, Lamest, etc. interest me not at all.

Except for Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Nightmares — that stuff’s great.

Still, it is surprising how often Cracked.com gets high ranked on Digg with their 13-Stupid-Movie-Continuity-Errors type posts. (Hey fanboy, you want realism? Go watch a documentary).

Design Reviver offers a list that has value as a collection of resources; a set of 50 premium quality WordPress themes. The designs range from blog and portfolio styles, corporate and magazine and all the way to specialized themes for video and photoblogging.

If we must have a deluge of numbered lists on the Internet, they should all be as useful as this one.

* Uwe Boll has been compared to Ed Wood as a film director — except for the fact that Boll gets multi-million dollar budgets and stars like Sir Ben Kingsley for his movies. I sort of like the idea of imagining Ed Wood, wearing an angora sweater, directing Ben Kingsley. . .


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