150 Dead Dogs Packed in Freezers in Dearborn, Michigan

July 27, 2009

A mentally ill man in Dearborn, Michigan was taken to a hospital for observation after 150 dead dogs were found packed in freezers in his home. 112 dogs were found living in the house which, as you would expect, was filthy, cluttered and reeking of feces and urine. Crews removingthe dogs needed masks to breath while removing the dogs. For the complete story, go here.

The reason I felt it necessary to highlight this tragic story is to bring up the issue of Animal Hoarding, a topic that today is  considered a true psychological disorder. In many cases these are people who begin rationally enough, sheltering or fostering dogs or cats. Then at some point they slip over the line from care to neglect and abuse. There is an absolute limit, a finite number of companion animals that any one individual can safely maintain in a private home or apartment.

There’s some excellent material on the Tufts University website about this issue, here. Also, the website AnimalHoarding.com offers an in-depth look at this tragic issue.

If you know anyone who is approaching or exceeding the limit of responsible care for animals of any type, please intervene before the situation gets worse. The isolation of animal hoarders is the worst thing that can happen to them and their animals.


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