Dorothy Parker’s Dogs

June 14, 2008

Dorothy Parker in April 1953 with Misty,
photographed by Roy Schatt at his Murray Hill studio, NYC.
(from the book, A Journey into Dorothy Parker’s New York by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick)

I love Dorothy Parker. I once had a hard drive named for her (Dot). A friend’s wife dismissed her by complaining that there was too little Parker to read.

I countered and said there’s just enough Dorothy Parker to suit me. Putting down Mrs. Parker because her output has not deforested the nation like Stephen King’s made me suspect every judgment made by my friend’s wife. (They divorced).

Here is a partial list of dogs owned by Dorothy Parker:

  • Amy—mutt
  • Bunk—Boston terrier
  • C’est Tout—poodle
  • Cliché—poodle
  • Cora—Bedlington terrier
  • Daisy—Scottish terrier
  • Flic—Boxer
  • Fraulein—dachshund
  • Jack—dalmation
  • Limey—poodle
  • Misty—poodle
  • Nogi—Boston terrier
  • Poupée—poodle
  • Rags—Boston terrier
  • Robinson—dachshund
  • Scrambles—mutt
  • Timothy—Dandie Dinmont terrier
  • Troy, aka Troisiéme—poodle
  • Wolf—Bedlington terrier
  • Woodrow Wilson—Boston terrier


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