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Premium Blend consists of two parts. Graphic design work: web, print & photography and The Cynodictis Project.

If you want to view all the latest posts about Dogs — The Cynodictis Project — just click on the category "Canine" under the Home page link at the top left of this page. If you'd like to help support The Cynodictis Project, please visit the Premium Blend Amazon Store.

Premium Blend is a small design firm with over 25 years of experience. You can check out the galleries that feature our work below.

The Cynodictis Project is an ongoing exploration of Dogs — their history and evolution and our ongoing relationship with them. Of all the animals we domesticated we only bnrought one into our homes. OK, it's about dogs. But why is it called the Cynodictis Project?

"Ibn Khaldûn, the immortal Tunisian historian, says events often contradict the universal idea to which one would like them to conform, that analogies are inexact, and that experience is deceptive."

The great A.J. Liebling once quoted the fourteenth-century Arab scholar Ibn Khaldûn, author of The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History, a monumental work of social history and analysis, in a collection of essays on boxing. Khaldûn expresses the fundamental tentativeness of all knowledge, the deep skepticism achieved by Arab historians and gin-scented journalists alike.

The Muqaddimah is a narrative encyclopedia that explores the foundations of several fields of knowledge including economics (and the pivotal role of specilized crafts in society), sociology, ethnography and the philosophy of history. It's worth reading today 700 hundred years after it was written.

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Web Design & Photography

See a gallery of our web designs for businesses and individuals along with a selection of digital photographic work.
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Print Design and Graphic Work

Here you'll find everything from newsletters, booklets & logos to direct mail efforts, publicity campaigns & limited edition prints.
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The Cynodictis Project

This is where we'll dicuss manganese and tungsten in your dog's daily life. Learn about the secret mental judgements that dog's are constantly making on their owners. Is that a look of pity? Does your dog think you're a twit? Find out now!
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