Huxley’s gait, Sunday, November 11, 2012 – Three Months of White Crane Formula Hip Guard – Herbal Supplement Treatment

December 5, 2012

Our beloved senior dog, a 10-year-old chocolate Labrador named Huxley, has hip dysplasia, compressed discs and arthritis. He gets one quarter of a Tramadol tablet a day, an evidence-based medicine approach to pain management via opiates.

Beginning in August we gave Huxley a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal supplement, White Crane Formula Hip Guard from Natural Solutions, Inc., Speonk, NY for a total of 800 capsules.


In order to minimize my own (or anyone else’s) bias, I thought we’d shoot comparable videos at the start of our three month experiment and at the end. Now here they are, the most recent in November first, and below that our August baseline.

What do you see? Improvement, no improvement? Better stability? Scroll down below the videos for our personal conclusion. . .

Our judgement living with him on a daily basis is that there has been no improvement.

The same assist that he needed to get up the short set of stairs at the side of our house prior to three months of White Crane Hip Formula is still required. If anything, he seems to have a slightly harder time now rising from a sitting or laying down position.

We were told that some people saw dramatic improvement in two months time so we extended our trial for an additional month just to be sure we were not short-changing Huxley.

White Crane Hip Formula was not expensive, especially compared to evidence-based medicines, and it may have thousands of years of Chinese Traditional Medicine behind it, but it was simply not effective in our case.

I’d love to be proved wrong about herbal supplements – all I really care about is Huxley’s health and mobility. I do feel that we gave this one a fair trial. . .  that ended with negative results.

For those who suggest that a treatment that has been around for ages must be of some benefit (this is a logical fallacy known as the Argument from Antiquity) I recommend they go to a dentist who exclusively uses the dental practices of two thousand years ago. Any takers?


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