Web Design Gallery Premium Blend Social Media: What is it Really – Threat or Menace?

And hey, Charley, I think about you Every time I pass a fillin’ station On account of all the grease You used to wear in your hair I’m a social media skeptic and find it hard to fathom the valuations of the giants in this arena. So, of course, I’m attracted to the disconfirming story. […]

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Print Design & Graphic Work Premium Blend Jack Kirby’s Collage Art – An Essay by Steven Brower

This April piece from imprint – Jack Kirby’s Collages in Context by Steven Brower – is an excellent examination of a little-explored aspect of one of the most popular artists of the second half of the twentieth century. It’s well worth your time to read it. Did I mention that the artist in question is Jack Kirby, who worked in […]