Zombies Worth Over $5 Billion to US Economy

October 31, 2011

24/7WallStreet.com analyzes the economic boon of the walking dead in all media, and comes up with a $5 billion figure.The impressive figures author Jon C. Ogg comes up with are below. And he even thinks these are all low-ball figures!

Regardless of the reason, zombies are worth billions of dollars. The figure that we were able to piece together: $5.74 billion. In all honesty, this tab is grossly undercalculated in each category. By the time you add the money spent in total around the zombie genre, the figure is much higher.

For the detailed analysis of how he derived these numbers, read the complete article here.

Movies > Zombie economy: $2.5 billion
Video games > Zombie economy: $2.5 billion
Comic books, magazines and TV > Zombie economy: $50 million
Halloween costumes > Zombie economy: $500 million (over a 4-year period)
Books and novels > Zombie economy: $100 million
Conventions, events and walks > Zombie economy: $10 million
Merchandise Zombie economy: $50 million
The digital world > Zombie economy: $10 million
Music > Zombie economy: $10 million
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Art > Zombie economy: $10 million