Zombie Crawl 2009 3D Pictures

June 1, 2009

Note: These are anaglyphic 3D pictures. You’ll need a pair of red-blue, or red-cyan glasses to experience the 3D. If you don’t have access to any, I’ll send you a pair free. Just shoot an email with a mailing address to cynodictis@gmail.com

Click on images for larger size. If you increase the viewing distance from your monitor, you can increase the 3D effect (up to 3 feet or so).

For over 60 more pictures (2D) go here. For a 3D group shot, go here.
For more Zombie Crawl 2009 coverage, please go to nyczombiecrawl.com

A gathering of the reanimated recently deceased swarming on Bedford Ave and taking over a local park?

Zombies? On the march in Brooklyn? 3D documentary coverage? Could it all be true?

Despite a complete blackout of main stream media and cable news coverage, facts about the Incident in Williamsburg are rapidly emerging on tweets, blogs, IM and other channels of digital chatter.

The picture painted by even this fragmentary information is unsettling, to say the least. Some local residents are calling it the Massacre at McCarren Park.

If you are by nature sensitive to brutal images of undead depravity, we ask that you stop viewing this site immediately! Please select another channel on the Interwebs.

But until “they” shut us down— with their black helicopters and their radioactive posion darts — we’ll be giving you actual eyewitness 3D photography. Proof and everything! Dare to believe your own startled eyes!


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