Real World Color Management

February 5, 2008

Who you gonna call when you need a Macbeth Color Checker? Or a CMYK ramp? Why, you’re gonna call Bruce Fraser, Chris Murphy and Fred Bunting, authors of Real World Color Management. They’ll even tell you how (and when) to use them. Look, this book is recommended by Design Tools Monthly’s Jay Nelson. What more do you require?

In their book you’ll learn to:

• Assess the components of your color management system for easy troubleshooting and optimal results
• Build fool-proof display, input, and output ICC profiles using the latest hardware and software solutions
• Evaluate and edit existing ICC profiles
• Implement the ideal color-management workflow for your environment
• Take advantage of color-management services built into your operating system
• Refine color-management practices used in popular graphics and publishing applications

“Bruce Fraser, Chris Murphy, and Fred Bunting have created a scientifically accurate, designer-friendly, and completely practical resource for anyone wanting to understand how color works or simply to get predictable color from their particular workflow.”
—Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly

“This is the best—absolute best—book on managing color I’ve ever seen!”
—Peter Bauer, Photoshop User magazine



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