Bob Dylan – “Tangled Up in Blue” Rolling Thunder Revue 1975

February 13, 2008

It was 1966 when I first discovered Bob Dylan and for me, like so many others, his songs became the musical backdrop of my formative years. Of all the talents to come up through folk and rock in the 1960s, his work is the most likely to endure into the far future, in my opinion.

It’s impossible for me to select a single song in his vast catalog as my favorite but Tangled Up in Blue stands apart for me. That’s because I lived through many of the scenes referenced in the lyrics, after a fashion. Tangled Up in Blue is, for me, the most personal of all his great tunes for that reason.

This live version from his Rolling Thunder Revue in 1975 shifts the perspective from first person to third yet it remains one of the best renditions primarily because it is stripped down to simply Dylan, acoustic guitar and harmonica.

Tangled Up in Blue YouTube video

Note: Please ignore the comments section on this video. This applies to almost all comments and replies that have become one defining feature of Web 2.0. As the Arabic proverb goes, “The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.”



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