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May 11, 2008

Here’s an excellent site for type lovers and anyone who wants to understand more about the ocean of fonts and typefaces we swim in every day, online and in print. This blog is written by a Brit who now resides in Japan and we’ll quote below from his “About” pages to give you a sense of his take on the subject. Think you know type? Try tackling the Rather Difficult Font Game and see how much you really know. . .

I love Typography (iLT) was born on August 8, 2007; I, on the other hand was born in 1969. iLT was born from a desire to bring the subject of Typography to the masses. All too often, articles on typography are rather bland and, although informative, do little to elicit feelings of wow.

So, iLT is designed to inspire its readers, to make people more aware of the typography that is around them. We really cannot escape typography; it’s everywhere: on road signs, shampoo bottles, toothpaste, and even on billboard posters, in books and magazines, online…the list is endless, and the possibilities equally so.


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