Or Would You Rather Be A Dog? A Sci-Fi short-short from 1952

November 2, 2008

Here’s a two-page sci-fi short short story called “The Terrible Planet” written by Allan Anders. It appeared in the November, 1952 issue, No. 6 of “Fantastic Worlds — Amazing Planet and Space Adventures” a title published by the modestly named Standard Comics. [ A postal regulation required comic books to have at least two pages of text to qualify for a discounted magazine mailing rate. ]

In this tale the Men of Earth Finally Find a Way to Conquer the Menace of Saturn! (Thank God!)

What if the Solar Council offered to temporarily transplant your brain into a robotic body called a Rover. The Rover was nine feet long and six feet high and looked like a giant metal greyhound. This body needed no food and it  would function for 60,000 years before it began to deteriorate.

What if you didn’t want to give it back?

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Terrible Planet page two


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