Why hasn’t a Chiropractor won a Nobel Prize?

December 9, 2008

Is this a legitimate question: why hasn’t a chiropractor won a Nobel Prize?

M.D.’s have won them. Mathematicians have won them. Physicists have won them. Professors, academic and medical researchers have won them. Even lawyers have won Nobel Prizes. So, really, how stringent must the vetting process be?

They gave Henry Kissinger half of a Nobel Peace Prize (one he shared with Le Duc Tho, the Communist leader of North Viet Nam) in 1973 for negotiations over a war that didn’t end until 1975.

How come no acupuncturists have won a Nobel Prize? How come no reflexologists have won a Nobel Prize? Why have no homeopaths won a Nobel Prize?

Are these legitimate questions? Does the lack of recognition by the Nobel Prize committee mean that there’s been no benefit, no advance of human knowledge in these fields?

I know what my answer to that question would be. But what do you think? 



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