Good Newz from the Bad Newz Kennels: 47 out of 51 Dogs Saved

January 5, 2009

Sports Illustrated has done an excellent follow-up article written by  Jim Gorant on the the rehabilitation of the pit bulls confiscated from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, read the complete piece here. You should also check out the Photo Gallery link, too. Tell me if you see any monster dogs there.

PETA and the Humane Society argued that this was a misuse of resources, spending so much to save these ‘celebrity’ abused dogs while millions of adoptable dogs await their own death sentences in our nation’s shelters. PETA has no credibility on any issue  whatsoever in my view, they are extremists and perennial publicity sluts. 

I think it was important, especially given the immense amount of bad publicity this breed has gotten over the last 30 years, to make the point  that these dogs could be saved. That’s a message that America needs to hear, while breed-specific bans are considered proper legal responses to the ‘innate viciousness’ of pit bulls.  It sounds simplistic but it is nonetheless true: there are no inherently bad dogs, there are only bad, uneducated dog owners.

For the recored the $928,000 that went to evaluate and place these dogs came from the Michael Vick’s pocket and 47 out of 51 dogs were saved. 2 died in shelters, 1 was euthanized for medical reasons and only 1 was destroyed because it was considered ‘too violent.’

In other news a 12 year old boy in Douglas, AZ shot his 34 year old mother 8 times last August 1, after arguing with her over chores. (Source). Where are the calls for a ‘breed specific’ ban on 12 year old boys? I’m just saying, is all. . .


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