How Stupid Are You? A Quick Test. . .

January 26, 2009


Can you explain how a 20th Century Astronaut came to be carved by a 12th Century stonemason on a cathedral in Salamanca, Spain?

Pretty incredible mystery, huh?  Proof of  Chariots of the Gods?-style ancient alien visitations, isn’t it?  So, can you explain it any other way, huh? Can ya, punk?

Give up? You can’t, because the premise is false.

The carving pictured was done not in 1102 but rather commissioned in 1992 by Jeronimo Garcia, chief of the restoration of the Cathedral of Salamanca, who specifically chose an astronaut as a symbol of the 20th Century.

For the complete story, go to here. And don’t believe every ‘mystery’ that circulates on the World Wide InterWebs. . .


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