Jack Kirby Museum Online has Rare 3D Comic Book Treat

March 2, 2009


The Jack Kirby Museum on line has some fascinating material for even the casual fan. It also holds a rare 3D treat: separate scans of the  breakdowns on acetate for a page in Captain 3D from 1953. Scroll down to see this page in red-cyan anaglyph.

< Here’s the  complete page with all elements together for 3D. Click on it for a larger image. To see all the images full size, go to the Kirby Museum site. These breakdowns were scanned by Rand Hoppe from the collection of Tom Morehouse as part of the Original Art Digital Archive project.

First printing: “The Man from the World of D” Captain 3-D, New York, NY, USA: Harvey Comics, Inc., December 1953 (11), p 10.

Story by Joe SIMON and Jack KIRBY
Pencil art by Jack KIRBY
Ink art by Mort MESKIN

Click on pages below for larger images.



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