Satre Stuelke’s CT Scan Art

March 24, 2009

rocket-ct_scan CT scans or CAT scans, more precisely computed axial tomography scans, are not generally considered art. But when Satre Stuelke’s CT scans of common objects like his children’s toys or a serving of Chicken McNuggets are the subject, they certainly look like art. It’s a case of the familiar seen in a compelling new way.

(Listen, if Damien Hirst is an artist—selling sharks, sheep and cows preserved in formaldehyde* at record setting prices—than Satre Stuelke more than qualifies in my view).

In addition to his still images, he’s also made videos that rotate his subjects through space and make them come weirdly alive.

Go here for the New York Times article on his work, or visit his site, Radiology Art for more images and video.


*OT: In Rudolph Grey’s 1994 oral biography Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood, Jr. it is claimed that Bela Lugosi, addicted to morphine and methadone due to chronic sciatica pain, took to drinking formaldehyde in his final days. This, along with habit of smoking cheap, Italian cigars (referred to as Dago ropes) led to the common complaint of his associates that Lugosi always ‘stunk.’ At least the dissipated  actor didn’t call it ‘performance art’.


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