Aldous Huxley video interview by Mike Wallace, 5/18/58

April 7, 2009

aldous_huxley_interviewThanks to the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, there’s a wonderful segment from the ABC program The Mike Wallace Interview featuring Aldous Huxley speaking on May 18, 1958.

Regular visitors to this site know that, in my opinion, the two greatest writers of the past century were Aldous Huxley and A.J. Liebling. So far I’ve yet to discover any audio or video featuring Liebling (if any exists I invite my readers to share that with us all). But there are a few recorded lectures and programs like this one that give you a sense of Huxley as a personlaity and a speaker.

Click on the image above or here to view this piece of television history. Topics covered include over-population, birth control, drugs, television, advertising, the rise of ever more efficient bureaucracies and threats to human freedom.


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