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June 27, 2009

Here’s a nice set of preformated code snippets that you can use to modify your WordPress site from Anders Ross over at instantShift. They call them mixed quality, perhaps not referring to their coding but to the signifigance of their function. Like displaying random images on your blog’s header? I’d label that not in the top 10 most important revisions to your site. Also by Ross is this piece with 10 Twitter Hacks for Your WordPress Blog.

There’s also a link to an interesting article, 21 Reasons Why Readers Don’t Like Your Blog by MsaNkadI. Lots of them are obvious like don’t have pop-ups on your blog, don’t have a one-hour Flash intro, don’t use blinking text. But I’m sure I’m guilty of one or two of these errors myself.

However, admonitions like “Don’t use center aligned text, maybe use it for headers” is absurd.  A long, center aligned, scrolling jumble of unsupported claims, conspiracy theories, slander, personal invective and complete absence of logic or reason is the perfect way to express an extremist rant.

Like those insane people urging us into a War Against the Cows. (It’s madness, I tell you. They’d wipe us out in a week! It’d be the Cedar County Cow War of 1931 all over again).

Looking at the vicious beasts! Disgusting. Photo © 2003 Dennis Flood. Click for larger image.


Using lots of ALL CAPS SENTENCES, exclamation points!!!!!!!! and -ooh- different colored type, is also recommended to make certain you come across as a loon.

Or how about this reason people don’t like your blog, “Don’t force your readers to open a dictionary, they wont [sic]” ? But we think so highly of our readers, bright, intelligent and good-looking, most of them.


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