“Rescue Ink” fights Animal Abuse on the National Geographic Channel in September, 2009

July 23, 2009


You take a look at us, and maybe your first reaction is to cross to the other side of the street. Just remember to look both ways before you do.

We’re not a gang, vigilantes or a social organization, but we do have that certain “in your face” style when it comes to animal abusers.

You may find us hanging out together at a hot rod show, tattoo parlors, or even hitting up the blacktop together on our bikes for a little road trip, but the main thing that brings us together is our love of animals.

We met because we were all doing the same thing on our spare time: rescuing and finding homes for abandoned and abused animals. None of us did it for money; we did it because we cannot stand by while anyone mistreats an animal! — from their website, www.rescueink.org

I’m asking everyone who reads this post to watch this program for two reasons: 1. I love the concept of getting in the face of animal abusers, and 2. Batso is a neighbor of mine.

Please spread the word about this show!



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