Krautkrämers Meat Water, High Efficiency Survival Beverage — And they’ve got to be joking, right?

September 10, 2009

cubano_sandwich_800“Even Fidel can’t resist this culinary opiate of the masses! Roasted pork marinated in mojo, melted Swiss and a briny layer of pickles will tempt and fortify you for the long struggle against your oppressors! And you don’t need a plancha to press this pequeño – just a straw (included)!

Store it cool, but drink it warm.” Click on image for larger size.

So reads the copy at Krautkrämers Meat Water, but I suspect this is an elaborate hoax. Or an art project. A High Efficiency Survival Beverage. Meat Water?

But with mouth-watering flavors like Cuban Sandwich on Cuban bread (ham, roast pork, baby Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard), Tandoori Chicken, and Dirty Hot Dog could it all be real? Nah, but it is really funny. Oh, and could the tip off be that the only merchandise for sale is a T-shirt, “I’d Rather be Drinking Krautkrämer’s Meat Water” and a Limited Edition Meat Water™ Genuine Memory Home Edition Lunch Box Set for $39.99?


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