World’s Most Expensive Dog? At $600,000, it may just be.

September 25, 2009

most_expensive_dogThe New York Daily News reports that a Chinese woman has paid 4 million yuan (approximately $600,000) for an 18 month old black Tibetan mastiff named Yangtze River Number Two. For the complete article, go here.

Of course, given today’s world wide economic climate and the heartbreak of “foreclosure dogs” in this country, spending on this scale for a single canine is hard to justify. But then the excesses of the wealthy leisure class are hard to rationalize even when everyone is housed and fed (and employed with health coverage).  The price paid for Yangtze River Number Two would fund half the construction of an animal shelter where I live.

The market that supports this kind of transaction between a breeder and a buyer is tiny and disconnected from the ordinary world of dog owners, that’s the main reason a story like this becomes “news.”

The great leveler here is the dog; he’s doesn’t measure his value in dollars or yen. Nor does he love his new owner more devoutly than that rescued mutt from the pound curled up on your living room floor.


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