Men can “laugh women into bed” according to new research

June 15, 2010

I’ve known this to be true for a long time, based on personal experience. I was not blessed with rugged good looks, a hefty bank account nor did I ever drive a ‘cool’ car. I wasn’t on any athletic team and would’ve been safely placed in the geek-freak category by most people who knew me in adolescence. Yet I had a very active social life during the dating phase of my life (high school, college and post-college).

Part of this was certainly due to the time period, the 1970s and the pre-AIDS, pre-political correctness ethos of that time. Just as a young person coming of age in the 1920s would have a very different experience than someone coming of age in the 1930s. Still it remains a cliché of all those dating/mating sites, and their print precursors, that women value and seek men with a “good sense of humor.”  Now a British study reported in the UK Telegraph shows that what women are actually seeking is intelligence, which they believe is correlated with that GSOH.

The opposite appears to be untrue however. Men are generally not attracted to funny ladies. Sarah Silverman may be the exception that proves this rule. I can’t think of any other genuinely funny (sorry, Chelsea Handler) female stand-up who’s appeared in Maxim or Playboy.


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