Add Canned Salmon to Your Dog’s Kibble – A Great Inexpensive Supplement

May 4, 2011

Want a relatively inexpensive way to greatly supplement your dog’s diet? Try adding the oil and some fish from a can of Bumble Bee Alaska Sockeye Red Salmon. Pet nutritionists call this ‘top-dressing’ your kibble and it’s an easy way to start give your dog some less processed nutrition.

We regularly give our two Labradors a couple of tablespoons of whole milk yogurt (for both its probiotics and gas-emission reduction qualities); raw eggs, baby carrots, banana and other fruits and veggies, along with table scraps mixed in with their meals.

We used to buy an expensive Grizzly Salmon Oil All-Natural Dog Food Supplement that retails for $40 for 32 oz.

Now we’ve been adding this Sockeye Red Salmon that we get at our local B.J.’s, 2 cans for $9 for 29.5 oz. of fish and oil. We get more than just the salmon oil at a much lower price. We give it to them 3 to 4 times a week. Our dogs just love it.

Of course, they loved having their kibble drizzled with the Grizzly Salmon Oil, too. In no way do I want to knock that product. If you’ve got the cash, go out and buy a bottle right now. But in today’s economy, we’re looking to stretch every dollar we have to spend on our dogs.

By feeding them a quality kibble we know that they’re getting a balanced diet. By adding salmon as a supplement (or top-dressing) we know they’re getting all the benefits of the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that add ouster to their coats as well as supporting their hearts and immune systems.

The take-away: this is a relatively inexpensive way to add significant health benefits to the food you’re already using. Give it a try.



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