Mandy Barker’s Amazing Environmental Photography

March 27, 2012

The image above is by photographer Mandy Barker, from a series called Snow Flurry where the objects in the picture are plastic waste that has been collected from beaches around the world. I find these images beautiful and haunting as images. But the knowledge that they are representative of the disdain in which we treat our planet, quite literally trashing it, gives these photos incredible power. Barker is doing important and compelling work and I urge you to  check out more of it on her website.

Here’s a list, as provided by Barker, of the contents of this image. . .

Includes: draught piece, padlock, industrial mask, bread tie, margarine tub, cake decoration pillar, paracetamol packaging, syringe, oil cap, plunger, paintbrush handle, hard hat, dummy, fishing reel, bobbin, pump dispenser, horse’s leg, garden furniture chair leg, tooth pic, propeller, glasses arm, flask lid, fire alarm casing, tie hanger, ceiling rose, ball of tape, football, clothing hook, hot drinks lid, plate, sewing reel, party mask, shard, tile spacer, pen top, aerosol nozzle, hat, toothpaste tube, tops, caps, lids, balloon valve, washing peg, rivet, pipe bracket, knife, fork, spoon, lolly stick, arrow, sucker, handle, milk capsule, straw, egg holder, firework holder, coat hanger, balloon, drinks stirrer, carton, 90 degree angle, tent peg, medicine tablet lid, toilet deodorizing holder, tube, plumbing flange, seal, sweet container, Tic Tac lid, comb, wheel, link, hoop, wrist band, thread, bottle, nut, football cone, screw, face mask, tray, ring pull, plug, shower rail hook, pan, steering wheel, Frisbee, bubble blower.


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