“Paying the Price of Having a Fat Pet” by Anahad O’Conner

April 26, 2012

It’s been known for some time that the human obesity epidemic in America has drifted, naturally, on down to our companion animals. What’s the harm?  Anahad O’Conner lays it all out for you in “Paying the Price of Having a Fat Pet” in The New York Times.

“The problem in pets mirrors that in overweight humans, often stemming from lack of exercise and too many snacks and calorie-dense foods – or, in this case, treats and table scraps – between meals. For veterinarians, broaching the subject of an overweight cat or dog with owners can be a delicate task. Some respond defensively or see it as a reflection of their lack of exercise and struggles with the scale. Bringing it up with an owner requires just as much finesse as pointing out someone’s own weight gain.”


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