Incredible Photos of the Sun

March 2, 2009

magnetic_structures_sunwhole_sunsun_spotsun_surface has a gallery of 21 amazing, astounding, incredible images of your favorite star and mine, the ever-lovin’ Sun.

Click on the samples on the left for lrager images, then go to their site for more!

Their Image #17 showing a coronal mass ejection of a billion tons of matter at millions of kilometers an hour is incredible when you  consider the amount of power on display. It reminds me a Jack Kirby drawing — bursting with the power cosmic. . .!

10 Steps to Advanced Photography

February 19, 2009



Hong Kong from a peak on a summer night as the city comes alive by Trey Ratcliff.

Smashing Magazine has Trey Ratcliff, a master of HDR (high dynamic range) photography offering his 10 steps to advance your photography skills. They are well worth reading and taking heart. Here’s an example of his work. Click on the image for a larger version of this spectacular view (if that doesn’t make you say OMG, put your camera away and find another muse).


A Visual Guide to Most Awesome Ways to Take a Photograph

January 5, 2009

Point, shoot and … what? From amazing architecture to abandoned places, sometimes the subject is at the center of compelling photography – but at other times the types and approaches take the proverbial cake. These fascinating photography techniques take the art of image-making into entire new dimensions.

Some photographers seem to freeze, slow, or speed up time. Others rotate our views in dizzying directions elevate our views to dazzling heights. Featuring eye-popping works from 3D, panoramic and high-speed to infrared, HDR and tilt-shift photographers, here is a visual guide to ten of the world’s most awesome ways to take a photograph.

For the complete article on the WebUrbanist site, go here.

Animals in the Womb: Amazing Photography by National Geographic

April 2, 2008

These photos of dog embryos in various stages of development are from a series done in 2006 for National Geographic called Animals in the Womb. Here’s a link to a gallery hosted by Der Speigel Online with 12 incredible images: photo gallery.

Please click on the thumbnails below for larger images.




“The Wonderful World of Early Photography” on Neatorama

February 25, 2008

There’s an excellent overview of the fascinating early days of photography on the Neatorama blog.

From the camera obscura to the first human portrait, the first color photograph, the first underwater photo, to the first American woman to be photographed with her eyes open (in 1839), you’re certain to learn something about the development of photography that will surprise you.

[The distinction about being the first American woman photographed with her eyes open comes about due to the early practice of funeral photography of the recently deceased.]


“In the 1880s, French scientist Étienne-Jules Marey wanted to learn how birds fly, so he invented a photographic gun, which uses a rotating glass plate to take 12 consecutive pictures per second.”


Big Stock Photo

February 4, 2008

Here’s my favorite source for great low-cost stock photography, and isn’t that what we all want? You can also sell your own images for stock usage on their site. Sweet.


Infrared Photography by Eric Cheng

February 4, 2008

Eric Cheng maintains an excellent infrared site at


Stanford foothills (modified Coolpix 990, #87 filter)

Framing (and other) Options for your Photos

February 4, 2008

Here are a few great places to get your photography into high quality frames, as well as other professional presentation formats. Check them out. . .

Art to Frame


Digital Picture Printing Frames




Digital Photography Review

February 4, 2008

One of the best places on the ‘net to get unbiased information on digital cameras. No place else goes into the level of detail that dpreview does, there’s also a forum for individual user comments.

Before you buy, check your choice, and the alternatives out at dpreview


Dog Photography

February 1, 2008

Please click on the thumbnails for larger images. 

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