The $10,000 Dog –

September 13, 2008


The $10,000 Dog

Name: Buddy
Heart: Big. Beautiful. Kind. Doesn’t mind working overtime.
Nose: Trained to ignore all scents but that of a live human being.
Eyes: Very expressive. Can look very sad, or very happy. Trained to interpret non-verbal directions.
Back: Unbreakable.
Tail: Wags incessantly, particularly when searching for survivors.
Bark: Expressive. Urgent. And the most beautiful sound in the world if you’re caught beneath the rubble
Ears: Lisitens to every word you say. Understands and obeys dozens of verbal commands. Wishes he could understand everything. 
Paws: Tough, but still get sore sometimes. Can climb ladders and virtually walk tightropes.

It costs up to $10,000 to train our FEMA-certified search and rescue dogs.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

A great ad for a worthy cause, IMO. If you’ re swimming in dough, splash a drop or two their way.